Pennsylvania County Impact Fee Information.

The General Assembly has passed HB 1950 and Governor Corbett has signed the bill into law (Act 13 Implementation). Use the form below to find out how much money your area will receive under the law.

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Statement about our data: Our distribution formulas follow those provided in HB 1950 execpt for those listed under section §2314(d)(3)(i)(B) and §2314(d)(3)(ii)(B). This is due to the fact that we cannot locate road mileage data for each municipality. To remedy this we've utilized municipal population data to calculate distributions made under the aforementioned sections. All revenue figures will be capped at the greater of $500,000 dollars or 50% of the total budget for the locality in question. This revenue cap is not factored into our calculations.

If you were recently elected in 2011 and you are not included in our list of municipal or county officials, contact us.


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